Autumn Thoughts

I can’t remember the last time I sat down to blog. In fact, it has been so long that I have had to start a new one – those damn passwords just keep slipping my mind.

I have tried numerous times to make time to write. The problem is my life is uber-hectic at the moment and I can barely find time to paint my nails let alone write a post; however, after realising how much writing de-stresses me, I have decided to take another shot at it. I was going to wait until the New Year but I have the writers itch and it would be stupid of me to ignore it now, especially as it has taken me so long to get back into it!

It’s the start of November and I honestly don’t know whether I’m feeling ecstatic that Christmas is soon to be upon us or whether I am feeling slightly gutted at the prospect that one of my best years yet is ending soon.

2016 has been a year of accomplishments and I feel quite nostalgic thinking back about everything I have achieved this year. I finally graduated my Media and Journalism degree after three years of ups and downs (mainly ups thank goodness), I moved into a gorgeous, brand spanking new flat with my boyfriend of three years (Hi James!) and I started my new job role within the Public Relations industry. It’s been hectic, so hectic in fact that I didn’t even realise it was November until this morning when somebody politely reminded me – when I say politely I mean somebody angrily shouted at me on the train as I failed to realise my rail card had run out! How was I supposed to know October was over already? It flew past so quick that I barely had chance to utter ‘Happy Halloween’ before fireworks were going off every night. My morning brain was tired and cold, I do not take responsibility for my forgetfulness, not this time anyway.

Now my evenings are full of stumbling around in the dark trying to get home and nursing severely frost bitten hands while I try to figure out when it is officially socially acceptable to start singing Christmas songs. According to the kids on the bus in the mornings, the perfect time is too belt them out at 7AM while I try to enjoy the ten minutes’ piece and saviour my extra strong cuppa. I, on the other hand, do not have this morning enthusiasm. I like to keep my mornings quiet, saving all my energy up until the evenings when I can bombard James with an avalanche of Christmas countdowns, baking ideas and never ending questions such as “What do you think your mum will want for Christmas? Your brother? Do you think we can play Christmas songs yet? How about watch films?” Yeah, I can see why he has put me on a Christmas ban until the third week in November. I am a Christmas nut.

This post was meant to be a brief intro to my new blog and as per usual I have rambled on so much my fingers are starting to go numb. I can’t make any promises for this blog as to be honest, I am not quite sure what it is going to become. All I ask is that you grab a cuppa tea (or prosecco, either will work) and join me on an adventure into the unknown.




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