Bonfire Night – The Top 5

Some of my fondest memories are based around Bonfire Night. I don’t know if it is the pure excitement that you feel when you realise the next holiday is Christmas or whether it’s the build-up of sugary hot drinks and coldness that makes you a giddy mess, but whatever it is, I have always loved Bonfire Night.

It seems to be the one holiday in the year that doesn’t get worse as you get older. Halloween soon loses its appeal when you realise that being older than 13 means you can no longer terrorise the neighbours for sweets and Christmas soon becomes about how much food and alcohol you can consume before you pass out (still fun but not quite the same as when you believed in Santa!). Bonfire Night however has always been the same for me. A freezing cold evening, wrapped up in fifty thousand layers while you “ooh” and “ahh” at the pretty sparkles that fill the sky.

So, leading on from that, I have created a list on the top 5 things that I believe are the best parts of Bonfire Night:

The Fireworks

Well this one was surely a no brainer? I am a sucker for anything bright, sparkly and dangerous so add an ear deafening bang to the mix and you have my perfect evening. I don’t know why but fireworks never seem to get boring. I don’t know whether it is the fact that I have a rubbish memory and squeal with delight every time I think I see a firework that I have never witnessed before (even though I probably saw it ten minutes ago) or whether they just seem to be getting bigger and better every year. Pink ones, blue ones, green ones. They all amuse me, especially the ones that screech along the floor before rocketing into your house; however, I have a feeling that Bonfire Night didn’t quite go to plan.

 Big, Fluffy Coats

Nothing, literally nothing, makes me happier than putting on my big, fluffy, fur-lined parka and scrambling out into the cold while trying to navigate with my oversized hood covering my eyes. Combine this coat with a chunky pair of boots, a thick knitted scarf and insulating gloves and you have the perfect Bonfire Night outfit to keep you warm as you gaze at the sky with dazzled eyes

The Food

I have a vivid memory from when I was about 11 years old. I was spending Bonfire Night at my best friend’s and her parents had made chocolate apples covered in sprinkles which I was dubious about at first. I mean, chocolate and fruit? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of chocolate? Yet, when I took that first doubtful mouthful I instantly fell in a love so deep that I made a promise to myself that I would eat chocolate apples every day. Of course, this didn’t happen (I think I would have a lot less teeth and be 100 pounds heavier if it did!) but I still fondly remember my first chocolate apple and this was the apple that sent me on a pathway to delicious, appetising Bonfire Night food. Jacket potatoes with chilli, chocolate apples, toffee apples, popcorn, hot chocolate…the list could seriously go on, just the same as my Bonfire Night weight gain.


Okay, so this one could technically fall under fireworks; however, I have such a deep love for sparklers that I decided they need their own segment in this blog. I am a keen photographer and as I have got older I have discovered how amazing sparklers can be. When I was younger, I used to run around like a headless chicken with sparkler in hand, screaming at the fact that it was going to burn me and I was going to end up blind (I was a very dramatic child, okay?). Now, I enjoy nothing better than capturing a perfect, sparkling picture of me and my favourite people as we dance around with sparklers and let a slow shutter capture our magical images. Of course, there is always the prospect that you could burn your hair off, but as I have matured I have realised that there are many stylish Autumn hats that I need a perfect excuse to buy.

Family Time

This is my favourite. In a world where everybody is so busy with work life, Bonfire Night is the perfect way to bring your closest friends and family together and just enjoy spending time together. Bonfire Night brings out the best in everyone (must be all the sugary, chocolate apples) so spirits are always high. Plus, cuddles are always on offer as everybody tries to warm up from the bitter cold weather. What else could you ask for?




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