Taryn’s Top: Beauty Tricks

Happy Tuesday everybody ♥

With the festive season quickly approaching it can only mean one thing… party season!

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 It’s good to note that these aren’t ‘industry approved’ top tips that the Kardashians’ swear by” but instead top tips and tricks that I find work for me on a regular basis – plus, if you are looking for the top celebrity go to routines then sorry to say, you’re probably on the wrong blog. However, I can give you budget-friendly assurances that will have you feeling like a superstar.

Drink water… lots of it !

Now, this may seem like a basic, obvious tip yet I can guarantee it is one that gets neglected when talking about beauty. I am a water nut, sounds weird I know but I can’t help but have a bottle of the pure refreshment attached to me at all times. As well as flushing your body of toxins (can anybody say wine binge? Oops!) it can also prevent headaches, promotes weight loss and , most importantly, keep your skin clear, plump and feeling as fresh as a new born baby. It is also a key factor to making your hair and nails flourish as well.

Prep that base

Flawless beauty starts with a flawless base. Period.

Invest in a good primer and it will change your entire world. Before primer revolutionised my beauty routine, I was very doubtful. I mean, invest in a good foundation and you should be fine right? Erm, wrong.

Starting with a good base means you have a blank canvas to experiment with. Primers allow your skin to feel refreshed and creates a smooth base for your make up to go on top of, which can help it last longer. A good primer also evens out skin tone and helps cover any blemishes as well as reducing oil and shine. It can also help make pores appear smaller as well as hydrating your skin.

One of my go to primers is Smashbox Photo Finish primer retailing at around £26.00; however, there are loads of primers out there to suit any taste or budget!

Be a bronzing babe

With the days getting shorter and night times getting longer, your skin is lacking sun and probably becoming paler by the day.

One of the top ways I defeat these winter blues is by allowing bronzer to become my best friend. I find that dusting bronzer on my cheeks and opting for a warm, bronze glow on my eyelids makes my skin come alive and gives me a nice natural glow.

Give your eyes a lift

Just like prepping your skin before foundation, it is also vital to prep your eyes before any kind of eye make-up is applied.

Using an eyelid primer, such as Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (£18, urbandecay.co.uk) which I swear by, allows for crease free application and keeps your eye shadow looking dazzling. I definitely find that when I apply the primer my eye make-up becomes more vibrant and eye-catching *cough cough excuse the pun* as well as lasting much longer.

If you aren’t sure on whether purchasing an eye primer is for you, then try applying moisturiser to your eye to perfect a perfect smoky eye as it helps the liner smudge perfectly.


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