Fancy A Date?

As we are abruptly thrown into Winter, I know I am not alone in saying that dating and going on dates with your partner tends to take a backseat. The nights get shorter and colder which means motivation is low plus with it being the run up to Christmas, saving money seems to be at the front of your mind. Plus… it’s very very cold.

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So you can’t be blamed for lacking in ideas; however, I am here to save all the mopey couples with a quick guide to some of the best, budget friendly dates ideas for the upcoming Winter.

Games Night

This one by far is the easiest one to produce. Whether it be board games or consoles, there is definitely an evening of laughter, fun and competitiveness to be had. All that is needed is a load of yours and your partner’s favourite snacks, a few (okay maybe lots!) of beverages and a book full of competitive yet friendly and cute insults to throw their way when you are losing.

Movie Night

Just like Games Night, this is a fool proof date idea. Grab a blanket, source the snacks and have a Netflix binge that the most seasoned couch potato would be proud of. With Christmas coming up, this is a perfect excuse to watch an abundance of festive films while snuggling into your other half.

Top tip: make a list of all the films you want to watch before the binge begins, this will save time and stop the bickering.

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Cooking Night

You don’t have to be a Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson to impress in the kitchen. If you are couple that continuously spend money going out for food, then why not make a change and cook for your partner? Better yet, cook together! Cooking can be very therapeutic plus you get the added bonus of feeling as if you’ve achieved something. Throw in a bottle of wine and you’ll soon be chopping away carrots like you’re the next Gordon Ramsey – just remember to keep the swearing to yourself yeah?

Take A Walk

I don’t know about you but if somebody suggested going for a walk with my partner then I would instantly have images of me moaning that my feet are cold while traipsing around our local neighbourhood as I struggle to keep up with his super-fast pace.

However, I discovered that this can be a fun date! It all depends on the spot you choose. Choose a walking route that has beautiful scenery and you will soon find yourself easing into the date, plus it’s amazing exercise.

If you are feeling adventurous then why not take a picnic? It’s a cheap and easy alternative to dining out with the added bonus of unlimited fresh air.

 Ice Skating

I don’t know if you noticed but it’s winter and pop up ice rinks are emerging EVERYWHERE.

If you are a couple who prefer the active life rather than the couch life, then ice skating could be the perfect date alternative.

I admit that it doesn’t come as cheap as some of my other suggestions (it’s all that added mulled wine you must consume after the skating) but for an evening full of laughter the price is quickly irrelevant. You never know, you could bet the next Torvill and Dean!

Top Tip: Go in the evening, the lights are sparkly and it is likely to be less busy.

Top Tip 2: Prepare to stifle those giggles, nobody likes to be laughed at while they plummet on to their bum for the fifth time.

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