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Oh hey!

As I sat wrapped up in my fluffy blanket over the weekend, I stumbled across the tag ‘A-Z Of Me’. I am not normally a person who likes to write about themselves constantly; however, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everybody else’s tags so much that I decided it could be a simple yet effective way of you guys getting to know me a bit better.

A – Art

I am a big believer in people being able to express themselves in any way that they want and I find that looking at art really inspires my own creativity. Art can be interpreted in so many ways and I love the fact that people can relate to it in any way that they want.

B – Books

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with books. I remember sitting down and reading every Harry Potter book in one sitting, my eyes crippled by the end of the marathon as I struggled with the prospect of not having anything else to read. There is nothing better than the crisp, fresh smell of a book or the feel of the first page as you open the front cover. I will sit and book binge for weekends at a time, my heart happy as I fill my mind with mystical stories.

C – Candles

Anybody who knows me knows the obsession I have with candles. Yankee candles are my favourite. I have numerous candles throughout the flat that I light up every night, instantly making everything  sparkle with light and fill the room with sweet fragrances.


D – Date Nights

Date nights are my most favourite things in the world. Working in the week sometimes means that life can get on top of you; however, taking the time out of the week to go on a date can make everything seem better.

E- Elephants

These four-legged grey giants have always been a favourite of mine. I used to adore Dumbo when I was younger, fuelling my obsession for the long-trunk mammals that clumsily stumble through Jungle Book.

F – Friends 

I have some of the most loyal and amazing friends that I ever could ask for. I will go above and beyond to help any of my friends and I know that they would do the exact same thing for me.

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G – Gigs

Music gigs are one of the best things to go too. When I lived in Bristol I used to attend music gigs all the time, enjoying the obscure musicians who I never would have heard about otherwise.

H – Holidays

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ holiday? Sun, sand , swimming pools and cocktails. Nothing can beat the feeling of the first ray of sunshine that warms your face as you step off the plane. Also, the tan you get is pretty amazing.


I – I’m A Celebrity

I am a lover of reality television, #guilty. I’m A Celebrity has got to be my favourite, I love the fact that the celebrities are stuck in the middle of the Australian jungle and it makes me wonder whether I would be able to handle the tasks that they have to face throughout the show.

J – James

This one speaks for itself. My favourite person in the world.

K – Kinder

Remember when you were a kid and you used to get so excited at the prospect of having a yummy chocolate egg AND a fun, useless toy? I am obsessed with Kinder, the milky chocolate making me very happy whether it be in the shape of an egg or a bar.

L – London

Amazing night life, the most amazing history and some of the best attraction sites in the world. London will always have my heart.

M- Movie Nights

Whether it is a movie night with friends or a Disney movie binge on my own, movie nights are the perfect excuse to lose yourself in wonderlands and fill up on your favourite foods.


N – Night time

It is no secret that I HATE mornings. I definitely come much more alive at night time. Night time means bed time and I love my bed.

O – Ocean

I am a water baby at heart with the ocean being my ideal location to relax. There is nothing better than sitting in the water surrounded by nothing but more water. To some people this vastness would horrify them however I find it exciting. Being swept along by the waves is also one of the most relaxing things that could happen to me.

P – Pisces

Linking to the fact that I am a massive water baby, my star sign is Pisces which is the fish. A massive coincidence is you ask me!

Q – Queen

I love the Queen and everything Royal Family related.

R – Rollercoasters

The bigger they are and the more upside down loops they have then the better they are in my opinion.

S – Snow

I wish I lived in a country where it snowed heavily every winter. I love snow but not when it turns to slush like it does every time in Britain.

T – The Walking Dead

Been an avid fan since Season 1 and omg I get so invested in this show that I am an emotional wreck for at least two days after anything major happens *cough cough* GLEN!

U – University of West England, Bristol

My home for three years and one of the best experiences I have ever gone through. Being able to make lifelong friends while working for a degree that I was (and still am!) really passionate about was amazing. UWE wasn’t always the finest of universities however it gave me some of the fondest memories.

V – Vocabulary 

Working with the public relations industry, I am always writing press releases which means I am very passionate about a wide range of vocab. I find that reading constantly helps me explore with words and helps me become more expressive.

W – Walking

I used to hate walking anywhere; however, since I have started walking to work everyday I have found myself starting to enjoy the fresh air. It’s amazing the kind of scenery you can discover while walking as well.

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X – X-Rays

Growing up I played a lot of netball which means I was constantly breaking my fingers. I always had a fascination of X-Rays and how I had to keep very still while I was scanned to then be able to see the break in my bones. It always made my friends feel sick yet I always found it so interesting.

Y – Youtube

What did people do before the days of Youtube? Youtube has taught me so much over the years whether it is the right way to tie a bow on a present or how to get a perfect blend in contour, I owe a lot of my skills to Youtube.


I am never happier than when I am sleeping.


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  1. G'dad (Grandad) says:

    Brilliant Blog TARYN, How do you find the time to write it. I was so absorbed I forgot get on with my reading, I always have 3 on the go. Now I know where to come when I write my family history. G’dad 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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