How To Be In Control Of Your Emotions

Hey chummies ♥

I feel as if it has been a while since I sat down and just aired my feelings. Life is, as usual, the definition of hectic and I barely feel as if I have had time to breathe let alone blog. However, I am finally starting to feel as if I am getting into a routine so just be patient with me lovelies ♥

In this blog post, I wanted to focus on something that I have dealt with a lot over the years and it’s based around those ruddy emotions. I was at an event for work last week and somebody turned round to me and said :

“You’re so good at keeping control. I don’t know how you do it! If I was you I wouldn’t be able to control myself, I would either fly off the handle or just melt down and cry”

I smiled and laughed as I thought of all the years I had done exactly what this person had said they would do. I quickly found out that succumbing to irrational emotions never got you anywhere and ,if anything, just made you feel worse.

Being in control of your emotions is a hard thing to do and I am certainly nowhere near being a role model of how to keep in control; however there have been some tips I have picked up throughout the years that have definitely helped me from becoming an emotional wreck on several occasions.

1. Never react when angry / upset

I think one of the best tips I can give you is too never react in the ‘heat of the moment’. The amount of times I have felt angry or upset at a situation and only made it worse by reacting irrationally is something that I truly regret. I find that the best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation and give yourself time alone to think about what you are feeling. This thinking time allows you to calm down and, even if you are still extremely angry or upset, become a rational person who will be able to argue their point and not lose any respect for themselves.

2. Breathe deeply

This is one that goes hand in hand with the previous point. Removing yourself from whatever is raising your emotions and giving yourself time to breathe is crucial for the ability to keep in control. Taking deep, long breaths allows your muscles to become relaxed again and helps  your heart rate lower to a normal pace, keeping you cool, calm and collected.

3. Write down what you are feeling

I am a sucker for becoming so full of anxiety and stress over so many things that I forget what I was upset about in the first place. I find that when I am overcome with emotions, writing everything down that is bothering me is the best thing I can do. Seeing everything written down on a page helps me re-think my priorities and gives me the confidence that I can still be in control.

4. Ask for help

In a time when so many factors can play havoc with your happiness, having somebody there to help you can make the difference between crying for four hours or picking yourself up and brushing yourself off. I used to be so afraid of coming across as weak that I would rarely ask for help but as I have got older I  have discovered that it is not a weakness to ask for help but rather a sign that you are mature enough to realise that you need that help. I still struggle from day to day as I do like to prove to myself that I can do everything on my own; however, I have learnt that asking somebody for guidance can be the greatest confidence booster you can get.

5. Look at the bigger picture

When I am feeling ill and tired, I find myself becoming emotional over EVERYTHING. I can honestly say that I  have cried for an hour before just because we run out of chicken nuggets. I can look back and laugh now but I was so stressed and emotional at the time that I couldn’t control myself ! When I feel myself becoming overwhelmed I sit down and ask myself whether the situation I am getting emotional about is really worth it ? So what the carpet hasn’t been hoovered in two days? You will get round to it when you have the time and energy. It isn’t going to cause the apocalypse.

6. Forgive yourself

Everybody gets emotional and sometimes emotions cannot be controlled. It is important to not beat yourself up for because of your emotions and allow yourself time to wallow. However, never feel bad for showing emotion. It will only make it worse the next time those bloody emotions make a show.


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