Festive Fun : My Christmas So Far

Hello my Christmas elves ♥

Not going to lie, I have had the biggest brain block this week. I sat down yesterday to try and write a blog post and my brain just went completely numb. I couldn’t even think how to string a sentence together let alone write a complete post that would be at least half interesting. I think the excessive amount of wine that was drunk at my work’s Christmas party on Friday night frazzled my brain and left me with nothing but the craving for deep fried food and large sharing bags of Kettle crisps (why did I choose now to be on a diet!? *sigh*).

Anyway, I am feeling fresh-faced and dandy today and I am ready to roll out this ultra-Christmassy post that suddenly occurred to me twenty minutes ago. I spent a good chunk of my weekend decorating our flat with golden stars, metres of red tinsel and flashing bright lights that should come with some of sort of warning sign (they are bright!). I was also on top form and managed to wrap a majority of presents, which involved wrapping mine and James’ as he’s a boy and has the attention span of a puppy; however, I love wrapping presents and making them pretty with ribbons and bows that this wasn’t a big deal at all.

In this post, I thought I would just update you on the festivities that are currently happening throughout the Glenister/Connolly residence and beyond– Grinch’s beware!

❄ Decorations

What would Christmas be without decorations? That’s easy, another boring day. This year is our first Christmas together in our first little flat so I was SUPER excited to put the Christmas tree and trimmings up. The Christmas tree we have this year is a Christmas tree that James has had since he was a baby! A tree that is 27 years old and it’s still standing strong and is a perfect size for our living room. I went out and binged on red , gold and novelty baubles as well as lots of white, sparkly fairy lights which make our whole living room light up in a warm, festive glow. The only thing we were missing was a bright star to put on the top; however, in typical Taryn style I improvised and placed our Aldi Kevin the Carrot stuffed toy on the top. At first it was just going to be until we were able to buy a new star yet I have grown pretty fond of the unusual tree topper so I am planning to keep it there for the rest of Christmas period.





❄ Christmas movie binges

One of my favourite things about Christmas is being able to binge watch festive movies while eating bucket loads of chocolate and not feeling bad whatsoever. I always try and keep from watching too many of my favourites before December begins; however, now we are half way through December I have been indulging in Christmas movies at least four times a week. I love the old classics such as Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street and The Grinch; however, I am also a sucker for the newbies such as Elf, Frozen and Nativity. I watched Nativity last night and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through, the kids are hilarious throughout and the songs are so catchy that I have found myself singing them all day.

giphy (10).gif
Credit: Giphy

❄ Food, Glorious Food!

I have been trying so so so hard to not overindulge yet however the sneaky Christmas treats have been sneaking in here and there. We had our Christmas work party the other night and the food was so yummy , the warm camembert and fresh bread with cranberry relish was absolutely too die for !


The same day as the party, we also had a Christmas lunch at the office which included wine and fancy canapes which were incredibly more-ish. The mini smoked salmon and soft cheese bagels were especially amazing.


And of course, the festive favourites of warming mince pies have also made a sneaky appearance here and there!


How festive you feeling at the moment? Leave a comment below on what you’ve been doing to get in the Christmas spirit!


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  1. G'dad (Alderman) says:

    Glad you and James had a brilliant 1st Xmas in your flat.It’s looking very homely and I’m sure you’ll be really happy there. Thanks for everything, Nan and I had a lovely time seeing everyone and looking forward to a New Year. Love you all, and keep blogging. xxxx
    👍😁 G’dad and Na

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