The Perfect Girls Night

If there is one thing I love in the world, it is a perfect girlie evening. An evening with your girls can be the best remedy for happiness in life. They can literally range from having a movie night in with pizza to dressing up and painting the town red with a few strawberry daqs.

That being said, I thought I would put a list together of the top things to do, have and organise that will guarantee a successful girlie night full of dancing, laughing, eating and gossip!


Cocktails are the glue of any girlie evening. No matter how bad the evening might be turning out, there is nothing that a refreshing Mojito can’t fix! I think what makes cocktails so appealing is that they ooze feminine qualities and taste like little glasses of heaven – plus they make for banging Instagram pics! If you are not keen on including alcohol in your cocktails (or you are not old enough to include it!) then there are some amazing ‘mocktail’ recipes out there that taste just as amazing as the originals.

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A Banging Playlist

Everybody knows that music is the essence of happiness and what is a better mixture than you and your top girls singing along to a playlist of everybody’s favourite songs? I like to use Spotify to create my playlists as there are so many pre-made ones on there that the options are endless plus you discover songs again that you completely forgot about ( shoutout to my early 2000’s teens who revelled in the cheesy hits!). A banging playlist will have you and your girls strutting your booty out the door and stealing the show on every crowded dance floor.

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Make-up, clothes and lots of mirrors

Planning a girls night which includes a night on the town? Then don your glad rags, pull up a Youtube video on the perfect smokey eye and pour a big glass of wine because getting ready with your girls can be half the fun of a girlie night out. When I was at uni and living with four other girls, the best part sometimes was swapping clothes, helping with each others hair, lending each other our latest eyeshadow and telling each other how amazing we looked that night. Just make sure you have plenty of mirrors to spare so you avoid any horrible cases of blatant mirror hoggers.

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Snacks, snacks and even more snacks

Planning a night in with movies? Bring the snacks. Planning a night out dancing and drinking? Make sure the snacks are fully stacked. A girl’s night in means relaxing which obviously includes over-indulging in yummy treats ; however, a girls night out normally includes lot of wine which can lead to a severe 3am craving for cheese and onion crisps. Stock the snacks and the night will always be pure fire.

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