How To Get Through January

It seems like this month is never going to end. This is the trouble with January, the Christmas period is such an exciting season full of parties, presents and food that when January rolls around you can’t help but feel deflated. The air is full of diet fads and healthy eating, you go to work when it’s dark and you come home when it’s dark and everybody seems to lose their minds as soon as a small layer of ice covers the pavements. Plus, everybody is paid early in December and the month seems to stretch 10x longer when you’re feeling the money pinch. There is no winning in January.

However, I made a pact to myself that I was not going to be slave to post-Christmas blues this year and make the most out of every month in 2017, which unfortunately does include January.

So, for anybody who also wants to ride the train of positivity all the way to February, I have some top ways to make the most of your January:

Start with a fresh outlook

If you are like me, then you probably have plenty of jobs that you put off throughout 2016 that have slowly built up to the point where you can’t even open your wardrobe from fear that the 22 pairs of shoes you were meant to clear out will topple on top of you. Start 2017 off right by completing all of the horrible jobs that you were meant to have done ages ago, for example re-fresh your wardrobe, chuck out any expired make-up and dust out forgotten spaces in your bedroom.

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Embrace the weather

It is easy to get caught with the gloom of dark mornings and rainy weather, I myself am no sucker for a good moan in the morning about how cold my poor feet are. However, this January I have really tried to dismiss the negatives and take a look at how wonderful everything can be. The best way to do this is taking the time to admire the scenery around you as it really does become magical in the winter months, how about wrapping up warm, grabbing your umbrella and taking a long, fresh walk? You will soon be seeing how beautiful January can really be.

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Try something new

What is a better excuse to throw yourself into something new than the start of a new year? With 11 months laid out in front of you, there is plenty of time to find a new passion. Whether it’s joining in with a new exercise class, learning a new creative hobby or just simply taking more time to read books, you’ll be surprised at how great doing something you enjoy can make you feel


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Plan something to look forward too

This may seem like a simple one, but it can be often overlooked. At the end of 2016, I planned several outings, events and weekends away throughout January and February which have kept me going through the long January days. Focusing on these exciting plans keeps my mind distracted from the rain and dark weather and keeps me motivated to keep on working.

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