The S Word : how to get it


In this post, I want to share a few tips and tricks on the best way to get more of the sometimes dreaded ‘S’ word – sleep!

When I was younger, I really struggled with being able to get enough sleep throughout the night due to several circumstances such as worrying, napping in the day and staying up too late and becoming overtired. As I have got older, it has become crucial that I have a good night’s sleep as I am up early for work and without it I quickly become a super cranky monster who struggles with being nice.

I can easily say that I have tried and tested so many different routines, methods, and herbal remedies that I could probably write a whole book on how to get a good night’s sleep; however, I have compiled my top approaches together to hopefully help you have that perfect night’s sleep as well.

  1. Create a sleeping sanctuary

The best tip I can give to help you drop off to sleep with no worries is to create a de-cluttered bedroom. Having a crisp, clean bedroom that has minimal lighting can really help you relax into bed and allows your brain to rest without worrying about the mess surrounding you. Take an extra five minutes before bed to organise your surroundings and you will notice the difference straight away.

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  1. Don’t eat too close to bedtime

When I was younger, I used to work shift work so sometimes I wouldn’t be finished with work until 10/11 pm which would then lead to a late-night dinner just before bed. Eating late at night can have several disruptions to your sleeping pattern including energising your body which can keep you awake and make your body think it’s time to work. Plus, eating right before bed and then settling down to sleep can interrupt your body’s digestion of the food which can cause you to wake up several times throughout the night as your body works to digest the food rather than relaxing. Now I am in a steady work routine, I find that eating dinner early evening means that my food is digested by the time I go to bed and puts me in a perfect sleepy slumber.

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  1. Leave the technology in the corner

In a society where technology rules our everyday lives, it can sometimes be hard to make a conscious effort to cut it out of your life; however, cutting it out of your bedtime routine could be the difference between falling asleep at 11pm and being awake at 2am. Devices such as mobile phones and tablets emit a blue light which keeps your eyes awake and brain wired. I find that to remove all temptation, I try placing my devices out of arms reach that will require me to leave my warm, cosy bed which instantly makes them less appealing.

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  1. A healthy day will lead to a healthy night

When it comes to a good night sleep, many people underestimate the power that the daytime can have. I find that if I have an incredibly lazy day, eating what I want and basically doing nothing, then I usually end up having an awful night’s sleep. Concentrating on your diet throughout the day and having just a small amount of exercise, whether it be going to the gym or walking to the shops, can make a massive difference. Spend the day keeping busy and stimulating your mind and you’ll find yourself drifting to sleep in no time.

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