Things I Wish I Was Told Growing Up

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time contemplating and reflecting on life – deep I know but I spent most of the weekend in bed with flu so there wasn’t much else to do other than die slowly.

Sometimes I really struggle with the concept of getting older and I shock myself most of the time at how far I have managed to come and the different experiences/ situations I have tackled throughout. It hasn’t always been a smooth and easy ride but it’s a ride that I’m proud to have experienced as it’s made me the person I am today- cliché I know, I’m on a right old roll today!

As I sat in bed with several boxes of tissues surrounding me, empty boxes of cold and flu tablets and more fluffy blankets than one human would ever need, I started to think about the things that nobody tells you as you’re growing up and it had me compiling a list of all the things I wish I had known, especially throughout the dreaded secondary school days.

  1. Life is complex, don’t let it get you down

I know when you’re younger, life can sometimes seem as if it is toppling around you. One of the things I wish I was told when I was younger is that life is a complex rollercoaster of emotions that aren’t always going to be bright and dandy; however, there will always be an exit. Looking back to when I was younger, I wish I hadn’t let every small thing get me down, but when you’re 16 and a bag full of hormones, this is much easier said than done. Now I am hitting the ripe age of 23, I realise I have a very long way to go and that I shouldn’t let every tiny life complexity bring me down.

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  1. Cherish your friendships

When I was younger, I never fully cherished the friendships and bonds that I had created. In secondary school, I found I flicked from one group to another, desperately trying to find my place to fit in where I could be genuinely happy; however, once I had found that group I always wanted something new and exciting so I would start all over again. I wish I had known to cherish those friendships I had at school as they have brought me some of the happiest memories. Now I am older, I completely understand the importance of finding genuine, loyal friendships and I now make sure I hold onto those friendships as tight as I can.

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  1. Put your head down and work hard

It’s no secret that when you’re at school, the last thing you really want to focus on is your future. Your future seems like a million years away when you’re just a teenager, but the truth is, what you create as a teenage builds the foundation for how successful you are as an adult. When I was in school, I didn’t realise how crucial it was too put my head down and get the job done, especially in Sixth Form. Luckily for me, I have been able to graduate from university and secure myself a very good job within Public Relations; however, it would have been so, so easy for me not to succeed.

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  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Yes, as stated above, your younger years are all about building a successful path; however, it is also about having fun and creating some of the best memories you will ever have. I am a sucker for putting too much stress and pressure on myself, even now I can’t help it, but when I find myself getting like that I have to remind myself that my whole life isn’t just based around work or problems. It becomes especially important when you’re younger to enjoy yourself as it is the one time you don’t have any major commitments and can really discover the kind of person you want to be. As long as you know you have tried the hardest you can, then there is nothing to beat yourself up about. I think that this is one thing that everybody needs to hear sometimes, whether you’re 16 or 60.

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