Highlights: January

Just pinch me for a second, is it really coming up to the end of January? Where has the time actually gone? I feel like it was only yesterday I was writing down my 2017 goals on the first day of the year and now I’m planning my February.

To help me reach my goal of having a positive 2017, I have decided it would be nice at the end of each month to reflect on my favourite memories that occur in that month. Kind of like a monthly favourites, but instead of products, it will be memories.

So without further ado, here are my favourite memories from January 2017.

James’ Nan 8oth Birthday Party


What’s a better way to get over the gloom of January? Well for me, it was attending James’ nan 80th birthday party. What was meant to be a sit-down meal ended up being a lovely celebration night full of yummy food, wine and lots of dancing. It was so nice being able to meet James’ extended family as well as, believe it or not, it was the first time meeting everyone all in one room since we have been together (3 and a half years I might add!). It was a truly lovely evening.

Harry Potter Studio Tour


Attending the Harry Potter Studio Tour is definitely my favourite highlight of January. I have already written a post on this experience (which you can find here) so I won’t go on to much about it, but it is truly one of the best tours I have ever experienced. I would strongly urge everybody to book as you definitely won’t regret it.

A Proper Girlie Night


I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t go out in January and, well, that lasted a whole two weeks. My girlie night with Alisha and Ashleigh had me laughing throughout, with many drinks drunks, lots of stupid dancing and a perfect opportunity to get all dressed up.

A Month Full of Events


One of the best part’s of my job within the events PR industry, is being able to attend so many amazing venues and events and January has been choc full of them. The first event was an amazing showcase at the Science Museum at the start of January which included cocktails, robots and wonderful catering. January finished with my company’s 10 year anniversary party which included an evening of Mexican food, props and salsa. It’s been a very busy month!

So there are my January favourites! Let me know in the comments the best memory you have had in January and I look forward to seeing what the next month brings.


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