How to beat your toughest critic

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I have not had a good month this month when it comes to blogging. I admit it.

I have been pretty much failing at any kind of blog related planning.

I feel as if February has slipped out of my hands so quickly and I can’t believe there is only 6 days left of the month – what happened to the rest of the days? Have I just wandered around in a subconscious state while life buzzes on past into March? To be honest, that’s probably a yes.

My aim was to give myself a break through February, after a ridiculous January that had me knackered, and allow myself time to breathe. However, after two weeks of cutting down on everything from blog posting to gym sessions, I am now finding that I am beating myself up about it and I have had to stop and question today, why?

James is always telling me that I am “too hard on myself” and to be honest, he does have a point. I never seem to give myself a break. I am constantly trying to find ways to be better and impress the next set of people, that when I do allow myself time to relax I find myself angry that I have allowed myself to slack.

I know I am not alone in this either. Just the other day I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw a fellow blogger tweeting about how there blog stats were declining and how they were on the edge of giving up as they didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with it anymore. It really made me feel for this blogger as they were unable to see how amazing they had done already – they had increased there followers by 500 in just two months and was already way above the 1,000 mark!

So, my aim for March is to finally conquer my toughest critic – myself. Here are three quick fire ways to set you on the path to being your own Number 1 fan:

  1. Set realistic expectations

This is probably the most key way to stop being your toughest critic. Set yourself realistic expectations and goals that you know you can achieve. By having unrealistic expectations, you are setting yourself up for failure from the start and that’s when you will find yourself critiquing every part of your life.

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2. Know that it’s okay to make mistakes

The best way to learn is by making mistakes. This is something that I tell myself often and I find that it keeps me from becoming overwhelmed when mistakes happen. Every mistake is a learning curve and you don’t need to drag yourself down for something that can potentially help you in the future.

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3. Focus on the positives rather than the negatives

I am a pretty optimistic person. I am always trying to find the good in everything; however, even I find myself focusing on the negatives when it comes to my own life. I find that when you are feeling low and questioning how well you are doing, taking the time to write out every positive aspect in your life soon has you feeling much better. I normally realise that the positives outweigh the negatives and it soon puts it into perspective that I may not be doing as bad as I thought I was.

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