Rose Gold Romance

Some of you may be unaware that I am the biggest nut for anything rose gold. I can’t help it, it has too be one of my favourite colours, especially when it comes to accessories.

There is something so feminine and delicate about anything rose gold coloured that you can’t help but feel kinda like a princess when doused in it. To be honest, the only reason I upgraded my Iphone was so I could get myself a rose gold plated one… seriously my obsession is becoming a problem.

It will come as no surprise that some of my favourite things in the whole entire world are rose gold based. I have often asked myself what colour I used to wear before rose gold and how people ever bought me presents? It seems to be that every present I receive has a rose gold hue attached to it whether it be eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, jewellery or house decorations. Not that I’m complaining, I love it.

Most of my favourite rose gold accessories come from James, after starting my addiction with Parker Rose Gold Tone watch from Michael Kors on my 21st birthday. As well as being my favourite colour, they also have some fond and favourite memories attached to them, making them even more precious.


Blush Hat, Accesorize (£15) ; Parker Rose Gold Tone Watch, Michael Kors (£229); Stacking rings, Pandora (£30-£50); Charm bracelet + charms, Pandora (£30 – £60)





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  1. I love it! My favourite colour at the moment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tarynmary says:

      Definitely , perfect for the upcoming spring months 😍


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