Why Cocktails Are Perfect For Every Occasion

Anybody that knows me will know that I am partial to a good cocktail.

I am not somebody who goes out and drinks often; however, when I do, I will always be the first one to order a crisp Mojito or fizzy Peach Bellini.

Cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, commiserating a bad grade or helping your bestie get through her horrible break up, there is many reasons the cocktail is the holy grail of drinks.


💜 They don’t taste horrible. Who wants to drink stuffy pints of fermented yeast when you can sip on a succulent martini glass full of sugar.

💛 They make great Instagram pics. Nobody wants to see a half drunk pint of Bow ‘n’ Black, but a perfectly put together cocktail? There are always enough likes for that.


💙 There are so many options. Yes there are many options of wine but at the end of the day there is only really red, white or rose , isn’t there? Not with cocktails! You can opt for a whole rainbow of colours, all with different flavours and decorations.

💜 They are brightly coloured. Ever seen a sad person holding a cocktail? No? Exactly! The bright colours have a natural ability to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

💚 They are classy. Okay, I know some people may disagree on this one, but in my opinion a shiny cocktail glass full of decorated delights always has a sense of being classier than drinking out of a cider bottle.


💛 You can get some seriously cool glasses. Whether they are long, short, rounded, squared… there is an infinite amount of option when it comes to cocktail glasses. Take your pick and enjoy!

💙 You get to try a bit of everything. Do you like Peach Snapps and Vodka but can’t decide what one you want? Opt for a Sex on the Beach for the best of both worlds! Hey, a Long Island Iced Tea just about has every spirit so you’ll practically be spoiled for choice.


💚 They are perfect for every season. Summer months call for Pimms, Strawberry Daqs and Cosmos whereas Winter is fuelled with hot toddy combos, cinnamon infused Daqs and a Winter Margarita.

💜 They are the best reunion kickstarters. Haven’t seen your girls for a while? A cocktail can help with that! The phrase “Shall we meet for a cocktail?” has an amazing effect on even the busiest of people as everybody knows there is always time for happy hour.


What’s your favourite cocktail to indulge in? Let me know in the comments below!



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