Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansers

You know there is a smell that just transports you too another time and place?

For me that is Tea Tree. The smell of Tea Tree reminds me of childhood when my mum would use Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner to de-tangle my wild curly hair and save hours of deep conditioning.

So, it is safe to say that when I received The Body Shop Tea Tree gift set I was apprehensive to use it. Flashbacks of tangled combs and stinging scalps sprung to mind as I undone the bottle caps for the first time and I cringed at the thought of putting this pungent smelling soap on my skin. However, as is usual with every The Body Shop product I own, I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

Blog image for tea tree

The Body Shop set came with three different cleansing products, a skin clearing toner, a skin clearing lotion and a skin clearing facial wash. The first thing I noticed about the set was how vivid the packaging is, I have never seen the colour green look so satisfying. With a simple, branded package it was easy to see each product I was using and I couldn’t help but free my inner Elphaba as I covered my face in the green facial wash.

The set even came with a simple exfoliating brush that was soft on the skin but you could instantly feel working. My skin had never felt so fresh after a quick scrub of the brush and a deep cleanse with the toner.

body shop final brush

Now, we all know that life gets super duper busy so, if you are anything like me, you may not always have the time or patience to go through every cleansing step that the Tea Tree set offers.I have found that by even  applying just a thin layer of the clearing lotion after each shower, my skin feels so much fresher and has help reduce a lot of the redness that I find occurs around my chin and cheekbones.

final tea tree 3

Using Tea Tree on your skin helps restore the natural oil balance and if you are like me and find certain spots, such as your T-zone, gets pretty oily then using a product such as this set can help control that shine.

Overall, despite my original worries, I have been very impressed with the improvements to my skin while I have been using this set. The Body Shop always has a way of making you feel pampered, even when it’s just a simple lip balm, and using this set is nothing different. The aroma of the Tea Tree, even though it can be overwhelming at first, instantly gives you that relaxing spa sense and I just feel every stress leave my skin as I massage each product in.

This product will be a perfect gift for anybody, however, with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I know that it is the perfect way to say thank you for everything you do.

tea tree fina lfor blog









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