Why spending time on your own is okay

What a beautiful weekend we had this weekend! The sun was shining, the streets were full of kids chasing one another with water guns and there was an abundance of people huddled on the grass, cider bottles in hand and laughter in the air.

Now I know you’ll be wondering what I did to make the most of the glorious weather? Well, the truth is, I found myself on my own, in the flat with nothing but a long list of to-do’s. Not the way most people would want to spend the sunny weather; however, for me it was necessity.

When I was younger I hated being on my own. I always wanted to be doing something with someone or always looking for an excuse to drag my friends out so that I didn’t feel as if I was wasting the day. However, as I have grown older I have learnt to relish time on my own and, instead of growing frustrated with the lack of plans, I spend my days utilising alone time and realising how beneficial it is for my own mental health.

There are many reasons I can mention about why spending time on your own can be one of the best things you can choose to do, yet I fear this post would go on forever so here are three reasons why you should opt for a day going solo:

  1. You’re in control

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want a day when I can be selfish and not have to think about anyone else and what they want to do. One of the main benefits of spending time alone is the ability to do whatever YOU want to do. Want to lie in bed all day watching Youtube channels? Go for it! Want to binge out on yummy treats while Netflix binging? I applaud you! Want to go to the gym without any distractions of a gym partner? You go and sweat solo style!

I find that sometimes life can be so hectic and busy that it can feel as if it is slipping out of your hands. By taking the time to do what you want and enjoy, it can bring back a sense of control which can be incredibly motivational.

Credit: GIPHY
  1. It gives you brain space

At times I find myself becoming incredibly overwhelmed by how many people I deal with in day to day life and how many people are constantly wanting something from me. Whether it’s trying to deal with clients in work, organising a special event with the girls or finding a time to fit in the family, sometimes interacting with so many people can really frazzle my brain. So, when I get a chance to have a day on my own, I find that it really frees up my brain space- as crazy as it seems!

By distancing myself from the constant communication it allows me to focus on things that I never normally have the time to focus on and put me back on track.

Credit: GIPHY
  1. It’s incredibly relaxing

Even though I spent most of my Sunday washing clothes and cleaning the flat, I had never felt more relaxed afterwards. I was able to take my time and potter along at my own speed rather than reacting frantically to time deadlines and the need to get things done. You are the only person you need to answer too when you take a day going solo and that more than likely means you are less tense and your brain isn’t trying to work a 1000x times its normal speed.

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Do you regularly spend time on your own? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are!


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  1. I love spending time alone, it gives me the opportunity to reflex and clear my lil’ brain out. Lovely post x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tarynmary says:

      Thanks lovely , I love being social but there’s nothing better than being able to just have your own time and thoughts ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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